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 The powers and duties of its officers and employees:

The Institute is headed by the Director and supported by technical and administrative personnel. Their duties are given below:


Director is the Head of the Organisation vested with powers of Head of Department. He is responsible to achieve the target assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Government of India in the development of fishery harbours and fish landing centres (FHs/FLCs) in the country. Provides technical support to the Ministry, Maritime State Governments and Union Territories in the development of FHs/FLCs. Monitors the progress of construction of FHs/FLCs sanctioned under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme. Guides and directs the supporting officers and staff in the conduct of engineering and economic investigations, preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports(TEFRs) and in scrutinizing the various project proposals received from the Ministry/ Maritime State Governments/UTs for the development of FHs/FLCs. Exercises the powers assigned under the delegation of General Financial Power Rules(GFRs), Fundamental and Supplementary rules(FR&SR), Establishment rules etc. He is the Controlling Officer for all the Gazetted Officers and staff of the Institute in respect of all administrative matters. He is the Appointing and Disciplinary Authority in respect of Group ‘B’& ‘C’ posts.

 Deputy Directors (CE)

 Deputy Directors (CE) are responsible for carrying out reconnaissance survey, feasibility studies for identification of suitable sites, planning and conducting detailed engineering investigations for development of FHs/FLCs. Planning of layout, design, estimation and preparation of TEFRs for FHs/FLCs. Scrutiny of the project proposals for FHs/FLCs received from the Ministry, States and UTs. Monitoring and rendering technical advice on the progress of construction of FHs/FLCs sanctioned under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of the Government of India. Assist the Director and guide the subordinate officers/staff in technical matters.

 Assistant Directors (CE)

Assist the Director and Deputy Director (CE) in carrying out reconnaissance survey, feasibility studies, conducting detailed engineering investigations. Planning, design, cost estimation and preparation of draft engineering reports for development of FHs/FLCs. Examination of the project proposals received from the Ministry, States, and UTs, on FHs/FLCs. Guiding the supporting engineering staff in technical matters.

 Assistant Engineers (CE) 

Assist the Deputy Director (CE) in conducting detailed engineering investigations, preparation of detailed designs and technical specifications, scrutiny of cost estimates and preparation of engineering reports for development of FHs/FLCs. Assisting the DDs/ADs in the scrutiny of project proposals received from States/UTs, and in other technical matters.  

Junior Engineers

Assisting the Deputy Director (CE) in conducting detailed engineering investigations, compilation of field data and estimates for reports of FHs/FLCs. Assisting ADs/AEs in the preparation of TEFRs and other technical matters.

Deputy Director (Economist)

Deputy Director (Economist) is the overall in-charge of Economic Section. To carryout reconnaissance survey, pre-feasibility studies to identify sites, planning, guiding and supervising the Economic Investigation for development of FHs/FLCs. To hold discussions with Fishery Department officials of Maritime State Governments and UTs, Private Entrepreneurs, Co-operative Institutions, Financial Institutions etc., relating to fishery development of the region. Preparation of draft economic evaluation reports for FHs/FLCs. Examination/scrutiny of project feasibility reports prepared by Maritime States/UTs. Preparation of notes and papers and rendering technical advice on economic aspects to the Director and guiding the subordinate officers in the Economic Section on matters connected with economics of FHs/FLCs.

 Assistant Director (Economist) 

 Assisting Deputy Director (Eco) in carrying out reconnaissance survey, pre-feasibility studies, conducting economic investigation for development of FHs/FLCs, Guide the Senior Economic Investigator and Economic Investigator in the collection of fisheries related information at primary and secondary level sources and to supervise the field work. To hold discussion with the officials of the Department of Fisheries, Fishermen Welfare Associations, Fishermen Co-operative Societies and other related organizations/agencies during field investigations. Assisting in drafting of economic evaluation reports and scrutiny of project feasibility reports of FHs/FLCs, prepared by the Maritime States/Union Territory. To render assistance to Director and Deputy Director (Economist) on technical matters and guide Senior Economic Investigator/ Economic Investigator.

 Senior Economic Investigator

Collection of economic and statistical data relating to fishery industry from primary and secondary sources during economic investigation for development of FHs/FLCs. Compilation, tabulation, analysis and interpretation of data collected during the field investigations and preparation of detailed appendices, sensitivity analysis, textual tables etc., and scrutiny of all the appendices and sensitivity analysis prepared by the Investigator. Assisting in scrutiny of TEFRs on FHs/FLCs prepared by States/UTs, and in the preparation of reports for the development of FHs/FLCs.

 Economic Investigator

Assisting in collection of economic and statistical information relating to fishery industry at primary and secondary sources while undertaking economic investigation for development of FHs/FLCs. Compilation/Tabulation of data collected during the field investigations and preparation of relevant  appendices, sensitivity analysis etc., which form part of the techno-economic feasibility report (TEFR). Assisting in scrutiny of TEFRs on FHs/FLCs prepared by States/UTs. Render assistance to senior officers in the preparation of draft reports.

Foreman (Drilling)

Foreman (Drilling) based on the directives of Camp- In-charge at site, plans and conducts sub-soil investigations, hydrographic survey for the development of FHs/FLCs. He organizes the assembly of raft, upkeep of all sub-soil equipment, outboard engines and connected items related to sub-soil investigations. He will guide and supervise the drillers and field assistants in their work.


Drillers assist the Foreman (Drilling) in conduct of sub-soil investigations and hydrographic survey at project site for the development of FHs/FLCs. They operate the sub-soil equipment as well as boat and raft using outboard engines. Maintain sub-soil equipment, raft, boat and outboard engines etc.

Field Assistant

Field Assistant assists the Camp-In-charge in the survey and sub-soil team in the conduct of topographic/hydrographic surveys and sub-soil investigations at site. Maintain the survey and sub-soil equipment.

Administrative Officer

Administrative Officer deals matters relating to establishment, accounts, stores of the Institute and is responsible for smooth functioning of the administrative work.  Executes the orders and decisions of the Head of the Office/Department. Assists the Disciplinary Authority in all disciplinary and vigilance matters. Guides the administration supporting staff in all administration /accounts/stores matters.


Accountant handles financial, establishment, administrative and stores matters. Assists the Director/Administrative Officer in preparation of annual budget, recruitment rules and day-to-day administration/establishment matters. Scrutinise the monthly expenditure statements, pay bills, TA bills, other miscellaneous bills and cash book. Supervises/guides  Upper Division Clerk cum Store Keeper/ Lower Division Clerks in day-to-day administration, establishment,  accounts and stores matters.

Upper Division Clerk cum Store Keeper

Assist Accountant, Administrative Officer and Director in all administrative establishment, accounts and stores matters. Prepare TA bills, medical bills, LTC bills etc. Deal with matters relating to establishment including promotion, recruitment clearance of probation, confirmation and maintenance of service books. Assist the Accountant in the preparation of budget, stores, and accounts. Handle store materials and keep proper accounts. Initiate action for purchase of store materials and disposal of unserviceable store items.

Lower Division Clerks

Assist the Accountant/Administrative Officer in matters of administration, establishment, accounts etc. Routine clerical duties such as diarising, dispatch, typing and other allied work. Attend camp duties along with the survey party members and clerical duties as when directed. Submit periodical returns. Attend Cashier duties and allied duties on rotation.

Stenographer Gr.II & III.

Stenographer Gr.II and Gr.III provide stenographic assistance to the Director and Deputy Directors in all technical/administration correspondence and report preparation.


To drive office vehicles in the Head-Quarters and also at camps during field investigations and maintenance of the vehicles.

Multi Tasking Staff

The duties of Multi Tasking Staff include, general cleanliness and upkeep of the office, carrying of files and other papers within the office, assisting in routine office work like diarizing, dispatch, etc., delivery of dak ( outside the office), opening and closing of rooms, cleaning of building, fixtures etc., driving of vehicles, if in possession of valid driving license, operating Ferro Printing Machine for taking out blue prints of technical drawings required in connection with field investigations and project reports including binding of reports and upkeep of maps, charts etc., in the Drawing Section, handle photocopy machine and upkeep, attending to the errands of Officers/Staff, maintain files and registers, attend survey camps in coastal places along with the survey party in connection with detailed engineering investigation for the development of fishery harbours/fish landing centres as and  when  the need arises, watch  and ward duties at camp sites during investigations, accompany the drivers in the vehicle for camp sites and watch the equipments during journey and any other work assigned by the superior authority.